What do Werewolves, Goblins, and Julia Roberts all have in common?

What do Werewolves, Goblins, and Julia Roberts all have in common? Aside from being globally recognised film stars, they all have an iconic set of ivories, fangs, dentures, or teeth. Whether the aim of a film, or television program, is to terrify the audience or turn a Hollywood superstar into something less glamorous, Fake Teeth in films are an essential make-up component for any modern day movie producer. Creating the most realistic and convincing fang wielding characters is the stage craft of companies who produce custom made teeth for film and TV. If its an Oscar or Bafta you are after, then you can’t just pop into your local fancy dress shop. Fake Teeth for film and television are custom made and hand crafted for each individual character based on the creative execution and direction of the production team. Creating the desired effect in the fake teeth department is the speciality of Fangs FX.

Our Fake Teeth artists have worked with some of the worlds largest film and television studios to produce dental expressions that would give even the most battle hardened dentist nightmares. Whether its the next big budget blockbuster or an independent film headed for Cannes, Fangs FX and their consultative mobile team can metamorphosize any actors pearly whites into something scary, despairing, or perfectly glamorous.