Welcome Dylan James Lyons!

Chris Lyons, head of renowned prosthetic character teeth company, FangFX, is delighted to welcome his son, Dylan James Lyons, into the world. Dylan was born safely on September 14th 2014 and his proud parents are absolutely delighted. Baby Dylan Lyons may only be a few weeks old, but Chris is hoping his young son will follow him into the prosthetic teeth business in due course.

A Chip Off the Old Block

Chris and the team have built up an enviable reputation in the world of prosthetics. FangFX is highly sought after by film executives and the team at FangFX has worked on a multitude of major films both in the UK and abroad, including the Life of Pi, X MEN: First Class, The Hunger Games, Skyfall, and Prometheus.

As well as his bread and butter film work designing character teeth, Chris spends a lot of time as a visiting specialist in the field of prosthetic teeth. He regularly teaches students of prosthetics, film and stage makeup, thus giving them a chance to learn more about this extremely skilled area.

Little Dylan is probably a bit young to be showing any interest in prosthetic teeth – although it won’t be long before he’s keeping his parents up all night with teething troubles! However, once Dylan is old enough, Chris will be taking his son to the FangFX studio and giving him an introduction to the world of character teeth. Hopefully, Dylan will one day be as enthusiastic about prosthetic teeth as his dad is – and also as skilled.

But if young Dylan decides he can’t stand the thought of working with monster teeth and devising ways to make vampires and zombies even scarier than they already are, or he just wants to be in a rock band instead, that’s ok, Chris won’t be too disappointed – or at least not too much.