Two Sides to KitKat Commercial

Acting involves playing a role. Instead of being yourself, you step inside the skin of someone (or something) else. So far so good, but for a few talented individuals, acting in one role is just not enough. And so we have ‘splacting’.

What is Splacting?

Martin Mahogany is a very unique individual. He likes to play two roles simultaneously – think of him as a kind of yin and yang actor. He has one half of his face and body made up as one character, and the other as a different character. So from the side, he looks like two completely different people (or creatures, depending on his role).

KitKat, the world’s most famous twin chocolate bar has clearly seen the parallels of Martin’s unique approach to role playing because Martin has taken the lead role in the latest KitKat advertisement, playing not just one character, but two. Obviously it is all a bit tongue in cheek, but the end result is a very clever way of making the point that there are two sides to everything, including chocolate bars.

The Challenges of Splacting

In the KitKat advert, Martin is seated in the makeup chair describing the challenges he faces as a ‘splactor’. One half of his persona is an intergalactic space warrior and the other is a reptilian space alien complete with ultra pointy prosthetic teeth. The effect is very entertaining. Of course Martin doesn’t hesitate to remind his audience that KitKat also has two sides – a crunchy caramel and a smooth caramel. At every opportunity, Martin can be seen chomping away on his chunky KitKat bar whilst the makeup artists do their work.

This goes to show that prosthetic teeth are not just used in TV and film – even actors (or splactors in this instance) sometimes have a need for prosthetic teeth when they are required to play weird and wonderful characters in advertisements. In fact an advertisement film shoot is not really any different to a television or film stage set – aside from the fact that filming is normally done and dusted in a few days.

If you want to learn more about splacting, check out the new KitKat advert on YouTube.