The Wrong Mans Signs on for Another Series

The Wrong Mans is the popular BBC comedy/drama series available on Hulu. It gained enough steam during its first series, which premiered in the fall of 2013, that the writers are ready for series 2.

If you have never heard of it, the basic premise of the show is that Phil Bourne, played by James Corden, and Sam Pinkett, played by Mathew Baynton, unexpectedly and suddenly become heavily involved in a web of criminal activity that includes corruption and conspiracy. These otherwise average and ordinary Bracknell council workers find themselves in quite a mess after Sam simply answers an abandoned mobile phone that he found ringing at the site where a mysterious car crash occurred without any other witnesses in the area. The result of this seemingly small act is that the two characters’ lives start to unravel and change forever as the plot carries on from that point. They end up being privy to a deadly kidnapping situation, despite heading into it trying to come out the heroes of the day.
How Much Trouble Will Ensue in the Next Series?
As the two main characters in the show continue to get themselves into trouble, we can expect to see more special effects and makeup tricks that will show them experiencing the repercussions of their involvement in the world of crime. Perhaps the second series will go beyond basic bumps and bruises and throw in more makeup effects, from fake broken teeth to prosthetics, depending upon just how much trouble the boys get into.
There is no word yet on when the second series will be released, but being that Corden and Baynton won the Best Writer for a Comedy Award from the Royal Television Society (RTS) in 2013, along with a couple of nominations from BAFTA, we wouldn’t worry about the show not coming back to its fans. And word from the British Comedy Guide states that the new series is now being filmed.
In the meantime, if you have not yet seen the six episodes in the first series, you can catch them on Hulu. You can also get the entire first series on DVD and Blu-ray.