The Tooth About Vampires

Vampires are all the rage at the moment. From Twilight to True Blood, our favourite mythological blood suckers are everywhere, and people are making it worse.
By that, I mean that any given opportunity to get into costume, you can be there’ll be at least one vampire there. And not just Halloween parties, but New Years, birthdays, Friday night on the town, and so on.

Whether you go in for the traditional vampire, or the more Blade/Underworld breed… or even the sparkly kind found in certain recent paranormal romances, there is one part of your costume that remains constant. It is the part that will make or break any vampire costume. Arguably, it is the only part of the costume you need.
Vampire Fangs!

Yes, if your fangs are wrong, your costume is wrong. Now, you could go in for some expensive dentistry and buy yourself some authentic neck-chompers, but, more likely, you’ll want the fake kind.

Be warned, though, Vampire Teeth, Fake Teeth, and anything you put in your mouth, for that matter, tends to be either drastically uncomfortable, dramatically expensive, or a bit of both. Perhaps you could make your own, though I wouldn’t count on great results, unless you work in makeup for a Hollywood studio.
Still, you could always find yourself a real vampire and get the real thing. It can’t be that hard, right?