The Prosthetic Tooth Fairies

Remember the time your first tooth fell out? That milky-white little tooth that you clutched proudly in your hand when you were about five or six, then placed carefully under the pillow for the tooth fairy. Well, here at Fangs FX we’re the prosthetic tooth fairies, and to be honest, we wouldn’t be particularly drawn to a bog standard baby tooth. We’d much rather discover a gruesome fang, or a set of super-wonky lower teeth under the pillow. That’s because we love collecting and making weird prosthetic teeth.

In fact, our specialised prosthetic teeth have taken centre stage in many famous faces – on stage, TV and the big screen. We’re skilled at producing all sorts of weird and wonderful prosthetic teeth and have helped give some great characters the perfect look for the part they’re playing. Our specialised prosthetic teeth are well-known in the industry for being the best, so if you’re looking for teeth that look the part, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll craft you a great set of pearly whites, or a fang that Dracula would be proud of – but when you’ve finished with them we won’t be putting 20p under your pillow. Sorry.