The Book Teeth

Based on the popular Markus Zusak novel, The Book Thief was released in February 2014 in the UK: a moving film set in 1930s and 1940s Germany. There are no fangs here – instead Fangs FX was approached by the film’s makers to create custom film grade teeth for the actors, hiding their modern pearly whites and giving them a look that was far more suitable for the period in which the film is set.

The Book Thief tells the story of young girl Liesel Meminger, who is taken to live with a foster family in a small German village. She attends the local school and is teased for being unable to read and write, so she asks to be taught by her foster father.

Her love of books grows to the extent that she rescues a book that was not destroyed in a Nazi book burning event. Noticed by a wealthy woman who is an avid reader, she is invited into her home to continue to read. Her foster family then take a Jewish man into their home for shelter, with The Book Thief telling the story of Liesel’s relationships with her new family, the other villagers, the fugitive – and with books.

For us here at Fangs FX, working on a variety of film genres is always exciting. With period films, we research the look of the time to ensure that the high quality, custom designed teeth that we provide are appropriate for the period, adding to the film’s authenticity in our own special way.


The Book Thief Official Trailer