Teeth with bite

Like the music behind the images, the film-goer probably doesn’t consciously realise what an effect the teeth of a character can have, but they’d certainly notice if everything wasn’t just right. The importance of teeth in the movies cannot be underestimated. Prosthetic, tailored teeth to fit a latex mask or to fit the mouth of a character, when done well, just seem so natural.

Whatever the need, whether it’s for fangs for a vampire, or for the rotten, decaying and crooked teeth of a demon, the presence of high quality film teeth really has an effect. The technology isn’t just about making unpleasant teeth of course. In a glossy drama or romantic comedy, the physically perfect and pearly white teeth of a leading actor or actress make all the difference.

Today, high-tech dental laboratories can take precision moulds from an actor’s mouth and create impeccable prosthetic teeth for that actor using cutting edge technology. The skill of the designers is only one aspect of course; it must not be forgotten how important the role played by those professionals who fit them is, looking after the actors during the often long process of applying prosthetic make up, possibly day after day — professionalism from the whole team that creates a stunning result.

Today’s technology is better than ever. Along with the expertise in make-up and hair, the appropriate teeth can really bring a new dimension to an on-screen character and leave a powerful, lasting impression on the film-goer.