Teeth get a makeover

Everyone’s heard of the Hollywood smile, but when it comes to film work, the perfect grin isn’t always what’s needed. Imagine a Dracula with a pristine set of pearly whites, or a werewolf with diamante-encrusted incisors. It’s just plain wrong. Here at Fangs FX, we’re skilled at making custom made fake teeth – whatever sort of smile you’re after.

We’ve made fake teeth for all sorts of things – from adverts to big-name movies. In fact, our fake teeth have adorned the mouths of countless celebrities – from Kate Winslet in The Reader to Tim Vine in The Sketch Show. If a character requires a certain look and their own teeth don’t quite fit the bill, our expert team are here to help.

We craft teeth in all shapes and sizes from warthog-like gnashers for horror creatures to wonky teeth for the likes of Emma Thompson in Nanny McPhee and Jude Law in Contagion. Our fake teeth don’t always have to be hideous though – if it’s that Hollywood smile you’re after, we can of course, craft the best – without so much of a buzz of a dentist’s drill.