A Brief History of Time. Prosthetic Teeth for the New Stephen Hawking Movie

Stephen Hawking is a world famous theoretical physicist and author of a best-selling book: A Brief History of Time. Hawking is a truly inspiring man who has made a major contribution to the world, not least because of the way he has triumphed over adversity, despite the odds.
A new film, titled The Theory of Everything, tells the story of Hawking’s early life, specifically the period covering his relationship with his first wife, Jane Wilde. The main character of Stephen Hawking is played by the very talented (and super hot) Eddie Redmayne, who bares little more than a passing resemblance to the Hawking in real life. So in order to transform the gorgeous Eddie Redmayne into Stephen Hawking, lots of clever prosthetics were required.
In the early part of the film, very little help was needed other than two plastic wedges to make Eddie’s ears more prominent since Hawking was young and healthy. However, as the story progresses, Eddie’s features needed to change to reflect the Motor Neurone Disease taking a hold on Stephen Hawking, so a lot more help was required.
As the years pass in the story, Hawking’s facial features slowly distort. Special wigs were used to increase Eddie’s head size so that it looked as if he was losing weight, but Eddie’s teeth also needed an overhaul to reflect the droop on one side of Hawking’s face.
FangFX was called upon to create some distorted prosthetic teeth. These, when worn in conjunction with foam wigs, plumpers, prosthetic ears and clever makeup, combined to create the illusion that Eddie Redmayne’s character had lost a considerable amount of weight.
Of course, this is not the first time Chris Lyons from FangFX has been called upon to create wonderfully realistic prosthetic teeth for famously beautiful film stars. Chris Lyons was cited in an article in makeupmag.com back in 2012 for his amazing work on Les Misérables.
The Theory of Everything is scheduled for release early 2015.