Special Effects for TV – Fangs work with Comedy Central

As well as some high profile British TV projects including Grantchester season 2 for ITV and the upcoming revival of Red Dwarf on Dave, Fangs FX have also been working with the team behind the popular American Comedy Central show Drunk History. With three seasons completed, this is a show based on a hugely successful Funny or Die web series, and one of the characters fans have been waiting to see brought to television is Dave the talking horse – who comes complete with teeth by Fangs FX!

Drunk History is effectively a satire on an American educational history show, with, as the name suggests, a boozy influence! Featuring a cast of comedians and actors who change with every episode as the host, Derek Waters travels around America taking an intoxicated, quirky look at important historical events! Aired on Comedy Central as well as being available to watch online, it is attracting fans from both the US and the UK – where even people less familiar with American history are enjoying the unique format and humour.

Of course, making animal teeth style prosthetics is all in a day’s work for Fangs FX, who have also recently worked on Danny John-Jules’ dental prosthetics to help him reprise the hugely popular role of Cat in Red Dwarf. Whether it is feline fangs or horse teeth, getting the look right while still making it comfortable for actors to talk and make a full range of facial expressions is part of the challenge that makes this kind of special effects make up so interesting.

Chris Lyons and the Fangs team hope viewers will find the end result for both Cat and Dave the horse as hilarious as intended, as well as appreciating what the dental work adds to these fantastic characters.