Special FX – Inspiring a generation

Chris Lyons Visits Hair and Media Make Up Students at Amersham & Wycombe College to Help Inspire the Next Generation of Special Effects Make Up Artists Students on the Hair and Media Make Up course at Amersham and Wycombe college were given a special lecture back in April, featuring Fangs FX’s own founder Chris Lyons, along with renowned animatronics and prosthetics wizard Neill Gorton of Millennium FX.

Chris was there not only to talk about the technical side of his work, demonstrating some of the teeth he has created for different projects, but also to talk about his own career progression in the special effects industry, and how he forged a path to becoming one of the biggest names in his niche.

The future of the industry really depends on the next generation of designers and special effects makeup artists being inspired to perfect their skills, innovate and think big, because it is their imaginations and technical skills that will keep the industry evolving and make ever more impressive effects possible.

Chris’ presentation was extremely well received, with students delighted at the opportunity to see some Fangs FX creations first hand and hear about the work that went into them, and were also able to pose questions about working at the highest level in the industry.

The feedback from the group of over 30 students who attended was that it’d had been an incredibly inspiring and useful session that they got a lot of value from (and they also said they found Chris down to earth and interesting!).

After his time with the students, Chris had a chance to talk with the tutors about their plans for the development of the course and the future of education in the special effects make up niche. Fangs FX is always interested in these kinds of opportunities to help with the development of young people keen to forge careers in our industry, so this was a really rewarding day.