Some of the Current and Upcoming TV and Movie Projects Fangs FX Are Working On

At Fangs FX, we get to work on some very interesting and high profile cinema and TV projects, creating all kinds of different teeth. Whether it is Victorian England or a world with aliens and monsters, Chris Lyons and his team help bring to life a huge range of characters. Here are just some of the projects Chris is currently involved in:

Doctor Who

The BBC’s most famous production requires a lot of makeup and effects, including teeth! We can’t say too much about the kind of characters we are working on because the BBC tends to keep things related to the Doctor a secret until they are aired, but fans of the show can imagine the kind of work that goes into some of those alien gnashers!

Penny Dreadful

In a show with vampires and werewolves, teeth are always going to be one of the main features!

Jungle Book

A live action reboot of Disney’s Jungle Book is currently in the works, and as you might expect with all those ferocious animals, teeth are a huge part of making it look great.

ID2: Shadwell Army

20 years after the release of the original cult movie ID, which focused on football hooliganism, a sequel is in the works. Fangs FX are working on the teeth for returning character Gumbo, who is this time played by Lee Ross.

The Bastard Executioner

Actors these days tend to have beautiful, straight white teeth, which don’t really look believable when they play characters from before the 20th Century. Fangs FX work to make teeth look just as bad as they would have done in these periods, making the settings far more believable on TV!

These, plus TV series like Luther and Hunderby, where we use teeth to enrich characters’ looks rather than create supernatural or alien beings, are just some of the projects we are involved with right now. We hope you enjoy the results!