So Long, and Fangs For All The Teeth

From Nosferatu to the Harry Potter series, special film teeth have been adding credibility, thrills and chills to movies since the dawn of the art form. Custom made film teeth are used for many purposes and take many forms, depending on the movie’s individual requirements, and they can elevate a good film to a great film.

The most obvious film teeth have to be those for horror movies: shining vampire fangs, slavering werewolf canines, and bloodstained zombie gnashers often complete a prosthetic and make up job. Imagine Dracula without his fangs or the extras in Shaun of the Dead with their usual pearly whites – not quite as scary. Film teeth are necessary to really sell a horrific look and make the audience shiver, generation after generation.

However, special film teeth can be more subtle than a full set of fangs. Teeth are essential to the overall look and structure of an actor’s face, so wearing a set of prosthetic teeth can help an actor in finding their character. This is especially true for actors playing real people – for instance, we provided Meryl Streep with a set of teeth based on a mould of Margaret Thatcher’s head, which gave her the Iron Lady’s distinctive look and sound.

From fantastical fangs to understated alterations, special film teeth have been convincing and amazing moviegoers for decades. Here at Fangs FX, each set is painstakingly crafted by skilled artists, delivering perfect prosthetic teeth time after time.