Smile for the Camera

We don’t always notice a character’s teeth on screen, but even the subtlest of dental effects can bring them to life.

The shape and size of our jaws and teeth are key components to our overall facial structure and when creating a convincing character for film and television most effects artists know just how important the mouth is.
After all, we tend to watch someone’s mouth as they speak so it becomes one of an individual’s most defining characteristics. Therefore, TV and Film teeth are vital factors when creating a convincing character and this goes well beyond the fantastical fangs bared by vampires and monsters.
In The Iron Lady for example, the producers were aware when casting Meryl Streep in the lead role that she lacked Margaret Thatcher’s slight overbite. To create the specialized character teeth required, Fangs FX created a set of prosthetics based on a mould of Thatcher’s head which Oscar-winning Streep then wore in every scene. Few people watching the film would be aware that part of Streep’s uncanny similarity to the lady she was portraying was down to the shape of her mouth and the way she formed words in exactly the same style as a result.