Sinking Your Teeth into Fangs FX

Special effects and prosthetics can make be make or break for a project. Get it right and what appears on screen can be truly spectacular and stunning, but get it wrong and people will just be staring at the awful effects.

Special effects teeth can be one of the most important, but oft times overlooked, part of the process. Get the right pair of teeth and they can complete the character. Many times we see actors wearing special effects teeth and don’t even realise it due to the high quality of the product.

Fangs FX is one of the leading producers of special effects teeth and custom made teeth in the UK. With film and television credits ranging from Doctor Who and Being Human to Cloud Atlas and Skyfall, Fangs FX has produced some of the finest quality products for top class talent.

With an amazingly talented team of professionals and a worldwide comprehensive mobile service Fangs FX are sure to be the best choice available when it comes to custom made teeth. For further proof, head on over to their website and view their list of amazing credits and read the testimonials from some of the top talent in the industry, we’re sure you’ll see that if you ever need custom made teeth, Fangs FX are the only choice you should make.