Sink your teeth into these

Get ready to make a major impression in your next production, or even your next fancy dress party, with a set of movie-grade special effects teeth from Fangs FX.

Let´s face it: Dracula wouldn´t have looked nearly as scary if his clearly plastic teeth kept falling out. A frightening set of dentures is essential to the illusion and countless other films rely on prosthetic teeth to complete the look.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning the next Hollywood blockbuster on a budget, or you’re going to a fancy dress party, you want the most realistic look you can get. So forget the cheap and cheerful plastic option and get some top quality special effects teeth from Fangs FX. Don’t just take our word for it, though; we’ve featured in Hollywood films like Kick-Ass 2, World War Z and Skyfall. If Hollywood trusts us, so can you.

Our fangs aren’t simple caps, they’re thin plastic veneers that only cover the front of your teeth and clip on with the help of a special thermoplastic that moulds to the shape of your mouth, so our prosthetics won’t affect your speech and won’t fall out the moment you go for the neck.

Our teeth also come with a realistic gumline, which can be fresh as a daisy or rotten to the core, so you can use our designs to create any kind of character – from a suave Prince of Darkness to an undead zombie. The possibilities are endless.

So come to the leading Special Effects teeth company in the market, we’re chomping at the bit to help you.