See Tilda Swinton Transform and Rehearse in Behind the Scenes Feature from ‘Snowpiercer’

2014 was a busy year for Tilda Swinton, who appeared in four critically acclaimed movies – Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, Zero Theorem, Only Lovers Left Alive, and Snowpiercer. It is no secret that Tilda is a very professional actress who really loves to breathe life into her characters, no matter how diverse they are or how strange they require her to look! When you see her from one role to the next, it is actually hard to put together that it is the same person, and this is part of what makes her so interesting to watch and so well loved by movie fans.

Watch One of Tilda’s Amazing Transformations

In this video, you can actually see the process that takes Tilda Swinton from her normal look, to that of one of her iconic, quirky looking characters. It is so astonishing a change that even some of the people who work on her are amazed by the final effect! Of course, the mannerisms and expressions Tilda uses for Mason, and all of her other distinctive roles are her own, but her costume, hair, make up and prosthetics are things she really works with to develop her characters’ personalities.

Working With Fangs FX

At Fangs FX we work with Tilda Swinton whenever she needs teeth for a movie, and we love being able to contribute to her portrayals of such amazing characters. At her Gotham Awards tribute speech, Tilda gave us some much appreciated love back by thanking Chris Lyons for his work developing her false teeth. Chris worked on dental prosthetics for Tilda for all of her 2014 movies, and as you can see in the video, they had a huge impact on how she looked and sounded!