Scary dentures for a range of adventures

The TV, film and theatre industry uses Fangs FX to source their professional special effects teeth for a variety of reasons. The teeth are popular with actors, who find them comfortable, easy to wear and impressively scary! Industry experts regard Fangs FX as a highly professional company who are always a pleasure to work with.

Actors require realistic and reliable special effects teeth in order to look and feel their best when in character. The ability to be comfortable when speaking their lines is essential and that’s why professional special effects teeth from Fangs FX have built a reputation for being the best in the business.

It’s always easy to tell the difference between professional special effects teeth and some of their more amateur alternatives. Teeth provided by Fangs FX are designed by experts and crafted from the finest materials to the highest possible standards. They look realistic and effective on stage and screen, giving the producer exactly the effect required and getting the desired reaction from the audience every time.

Fangs FX are a well established and professional special effects teeth company with a first-class reputation. Bare your necks for Fangs FX!