Roles you can sink your teeth into!

Think Tom Cruise in “Interview with the Vampire”, or Emma Thompson in “Nanny McPhee”, or the steely-mouthed Richard Kiel as “Jaws” in the James Bond movies. Think of the multitude of bloodsucking demons in the Twilight movies. Think how the impact of all these roles would have been significantly diminished if the actors in question were forced to rely on their own, personal sets of ordinary gnashers.

TV & film teeth are something cinema and goggle-box viewers take for granted; which is of course a good thing, as you can hardly be bowled over by an actor’s portrayal if you’re forever hypnotised by their pearly whites. When it comes to a Special Effects Teeth Company, Fangs FX are one of the leading suppliers of cinematic teeth in the world, with mega-movies such as the Harry Potter films, and TV credits such as Doctor Who and Being Human snagged neatly in their impressive portfolio. The provision of prosthetic teeth is something the company treats with utmost sincerity, as proven by their thirty or so years in the business. You can buy fake teeth from the nearest Joke Shop of course, but the impact of a set of onscreen fangs is significantly lessened if they look flimsy enough to pop out of an actor’s mouth every ten seconds.

Fake fangs form an integral part of an actor’s makeover when their natural ivories might not be what the dentist ordered. There’s no doubt that without them, many such parts would have had considerable less bite.