Roles With Bite!

With the Academy Awards not far gone, it is a good time to look back at some of the movies of the past 12 months that really made an impression on audiences with the way their characters looked. Specialising in custom false teeth that are used in creating powerful make up effects, Fangs FX were privileged to work on some especially engaging projects in 2014, particularly with one outstanding actress who is no stranger to playing characters with weird teeth (despite her natural set being very nice!) – Tilda Swinton.

Four Movies and Four Very Different Looks for Tilda Swinton in 2014 – The Grand Budapest Hotel

When you look at some of the make up, hair and prosthetics triumphs of 2014, one of the first movies that grabs the attention is Wes Anderson’s acclaimed The Grand Budapest Hotel. In this movie, the period was brought to life and the quirkiness of the characters accentuated using interesting wigs and facial hair, and it is for good reason that it is one of the films being considered for the hair and make up Oscar. This was one of four very different movies Fangs FX worked with Tilda Swinton on. Her character in The Grand Budapest Hotel was an elderly but glamorous woman by the name of Madame D, and so we used the teeth she wore to make her look older and to help her adopt facial expressions that suited the role.


Another role where Tilda’s teeth played a central part in her representation of the character was the disturbing Minister Mason in Snowpiercer. The teeth we used here were designed to give the character an unsettling, ugly appearance without going into comedy territory. Crooked false teeth with a slight hint of gold filling were worn over Swinton’s real teeth, creating the effect.

The teeth can play a huge part in adding character in a movie, and when you take a look at Tilda’s different 2014 roles, it is hard to imagine any of them played the same with her normal teeth!