Red Dwarf Special FX

Red Dwarf is Making a Comeback on Dave – And Fangs FX Are Providing the Cat’s Teeth!

Among a raft of exciting TV projects Fangs FX have been involved with lately is the return of cult comedy series Red Dwarf. It has been away from our screens for some time, but Lister, Rimmer and the Cat will be returning in 2016 on UK comedy channel Dave for season 11, and Fangs FX have provided the teeth for the beloved Cat character – who will be played as always by the excellent Danny John-Jules.

Craig Charles is even leaving Coronation Street after 10 years on the long running soap to revive his most famous character, Lister, in the iconic space spoof.
Red Dwarf was originally a BBC show, first being broadcast on BBC2 way back in 1988. It grew to cult status quickly, with fans loving the quirky humour, the larger than life characters, and the creativity of the parodying of the sci-fi genre. Red Dwarf won countless awards and sold over 11.5 million units in DVDs, and the people who love this unique cast of characters have been clamouring for a reunion for a long time.

UKTV, who own Dave as well as other channels like UK Gold, and show a lot of reruns of classic British comedy as well as now producing their own programming, have reportedly been trying to secure a new season of Red Dwarf since 2012, but now it has finally become reality, fans only have to wait until 2016 to see season 11, with a season 12 due to be aired the following year.

The character of Cat is, in the show, a person who evolved from the spaceship’s cat – essentially a cat in human form, with picky habits, elaborate dress sense, and of course, feline looking teeth. Fangs FX have been delighted to have the opportunity to work with Danny John-Jules to get the teeth for Cat just right for the new episodes, as they are such an important feature of such a great character!