Pride and Dentures – custom teeth for new movie Austenland

Pride and Dentures – custom teeth for new movie Austenland

Horror films, sci-fi movies, fantasy flicks – Fangs FX have worked on a wide range of different film genres over the years. Now, with the 2013 release of Austenland, we also have “romantic comedy” to add to our genre list.

Released in the UK in September 2013, Austenland tells the story of Jane Hayes: an American 30-something whose passion for Jane Austen (and for Mr Darcy!) is all-consuming. After the end of her relationship, she blows her savings on a trip to England and the Austen-themed resort, Austenland.

Mrs Wattlebrook’s Austenland requires that guests dress in period costume and immerse themselves in Austen-era life, eschewing modern comforts and taking part in activities such as needlework, shooting and riding. Previously believing that the only good men are fictional characters, can the men she meets at Austenland change her mind?

Starring Keri Russell as Jane, alongside a cast including Jane Seymour, Jennifer Coolidge and JJ Feild, and produced by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, Austenland is based on a 2007 book of the same name by Shannon Hale. With such a fun, friendly cast and a unique plot, Austenland was an enjoyable film for Fangs FX to work on – and something very different from our normal movie work. It really does go to show that custom film grade teeth are not just for vampires and monsters – they can be used to completely change an actor’s look, or to add authenticity to a period drama.


Official Trailer for Austenland