Let the Tooth be Told

Picture the scene: You’ve paid your £8 for your cinema ticket, you’ve chosen your seat, and you’re steadily munching your way through a bucket of popcorn. The adverts finish and the film begins to roll. Maybe you’ve taken the kids so you’ve opted for one of the Harry Potter films, or you’ve gone for a fright fest with your mates and you’re just settling in to watch Dead Cert.

Either way, imagine those characters up there on the big screen without their effects. No make-up, no hair and costume… no teeth (well, they’d obviously have their own teeth) but we’re talking film teeth. The special teeth you only see on the likes of trolls, orcs and zombies.

Teeth in the movies take hours of dedicated skill and craftsmanship to create. They are tailor-made to fit the artiste’s mouth, and they’re applied with precision and detail to ensure they look the absolute part. That’s what we do here at Fangs FX – create the film teeth that make the characters believable. Next time you’re at the cinema watching a movie, just have a look at the teeth. We bet you’ll see some Fangs FX work up there…