Journey inside Bjork’s ‘Mouth Mantra’

Fangs FX have recently worked on an incredibly interesting and exciting project – Bjork’s ‘Mouth Mantra’ music video. This production is based on a very unique concept as the video takes us on a journey inside Bjork’s mouth! Directed by Jesse Kanda, known for his eclectic work with artists such as Arca and FKA Twigs, the video is an uncompromising first of its kind. Bjork is well known for her eccentric and unusual videos, and ‘Mouth Mantra’ certainly falls into this category. Previously exploring strange landscapes and surreal imagery, Bjork turned her vision inward, inside her own mouth to be more specific.

Over the course of a year the video was produced using specialist cameras inside Bjork’s mouth. In the final production, we see Bjork’s mouth, teeth and tongue warped and twisted almost as if they take on a life of their own. The highly original performance takes place partly in a 360° construction of the inside of Bjork’s mouth – an animatronic recreation made at the John Nolan Studio.

Fangs FX worked closely with John Nolan of John Nolan Studios, alongside the production for this video. In order to best achieve the look of the inside of a mouth, it was necessary for some parts of production to use a model of Bjork’s mouth. This was accomplished by creating an exact copy of Bjork’s teeth, as well as a set of teeth 30 times the size of life size teeth.

The Fangs FX team hopes the audience fully enjoys this immersive experience and the unique perspective given on Bjork and her teeth. We look forward to more exciting projects like this – stay up to date with our ventures by checking our blog!