It’s a Fang Fans Thing

When was the last time that you sat down to watch a teeth-chattering, fang-gnashing, horror movie that made you want to hide behind the person sitting beside you? Of course it is all make-believe, though by today’s standards of special effects Bela Lugosi’s fang reveals in ancient black and white Dracula movies look dreadfully primitive, while moody lighting did much to hide the imperfections of both make-up and acting.

For today’s audiences, fangs in the movies have to look like the real thing. No second rate string and glue prosthetics are going to pass the critical eye of modern horror movie fans. When the next Dracula character sinks his fangs into a steak, or should that be neck, then the fans expect Grade A dentition along with liberal doses of bloodcurdling screams courtesy of the sound department. The UK movie and television industry is fortunate enough to have many talented, world class, specialist make-up technicians like those at the Buckinghamshire based company FangsFx. These are the guys that produce spine tingling sets of fangs for the movies, and help in the creation of monsters and demons that grace our movie screens and perhaps set your own fangs chattering like poker dice.