From Pearly Whites to Gnarly Gnashers

Gone are the days of unrealistic on-set prosthetic dental work. Whether it’s an A-list celebrity needing a smile adjustment for a specific comical character, to creating disturbingly convincing fearsome fangs, the British Custom Made Teeth Company have been successfully offering it all. Fangs FX work has established their gleaming reputation with many of their prosthetics making their way into BAFTA winning productions.

Fangs FX have been integral members of the on site set teams for prestigious box office hits such as Shaun of the Dead, Iron Lady, Alien 3 and Alice in Wonderland. The individually crafted prosthetics give the most life like finishing touch to the most delicate and precise character creations.

The spectacularly–realistic prosthetic teeth hand crafted by Fangs FX allows the viewers an unparalleled sense of reality when watching a new release either on a giant cinematic screen or in the comfort of their home. With viewers and critics becoming more sensitive to detail and costumes becoming ever more lifelike for example in the case of The Lord of the Rings, the viewers, directors and producers expectations of character appearance reaches extraordinarily high levels.

In order to meet these demands, The Custom Made Teeth Company rise to the challenge by stepping into the life of a specific character to really understand the moral fibre of its genetic makeup in order to produce the highest quality set of molars, fangs or Simon Cowles’!

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