Film Teeth – A fangtastic way to make sure you stand out

Whether you are making a horror movie where a bevy of blood thirsty vampires are baying for a virgins blood or simply wish to give a character an extra element of goofiness with a set of ill fitting choppers – there is no better way to make someone stand out than with special effect teeth.

The best TV and film teeth will be so seamlessly fitted that there should be no way to tell they are fake – apart from the fact that you hope some of the more terrifying sets are just the creation of someone’s rather overactive imagination.

From rotted tooth stumps for films depicting plague riddled poverty to zombie laden comedy Brit flick Shaun of the dead – the right amount of blood guts and decay around a characters mouth and teeth can have a truly stomach churning effect on viewers.

Television, Films and the music industry have long since known about the instant transformational power of special effect teeth. Custom made teeth cannot be beaten for the level of change they can bring to an individual’s appearance – their ability to create fear, suspense, surprise and intrigue is second to none.

That moment a person’s face turns and the mouth opens to reveal a set of devilish special effects teeth is always sure to raise a scream from the audience – so maybe it’s no wonder people started coining the phrase ‘fangtastic’.