Fangtastic Fangs F/X

When you are looking for custom made teeth, where on earth do you go? Think of all the great films and the special effects from years gone by – where would Christopher Lee be without his Dracula teeth? It would be unimaginable to even entertain the notion of the iconic Count Dracula without his fangs. Or how about Austin Powers without his “British” teeth? Who is it that makes these types of thing?

Well this is where the creative team at Fangs F/X come in. Based in Buckinghamshire in the UK, Chris Lyons heads a team of dedicated professionals who create both prosthetic facial effects and character teeth for the film and theatre industries amongst others. In fact they can count some of the cast of Mortal Kombat – Annihilation and Anna Karenina amongst their portfolio of clients. That’s the thing, the team at Fangs F/X are happy to work on all projects – large and small. They are also more than happy to offer a bespoke service no matter where in the world you are. It is this adaptability and reliability which has grown the reputation of Fangs F/X to be one of the if not the foremost places to go for TV teeth.