Fangs FX to appear at IMATS | January 2016 | TV & Film FX


FANGS FX | IMATS | Special FX for TV, Film and Theatre.

IMATS, the International Make Up Artists Trade Show, is possible the biggest event of the year for those who work in professional make up for stage and screen. At the 2016 event in January, Chris Lyons will be going to IMATS to talk about the interesting niche of special effects dental prosthetics.

IMATS is a huge event with hundreds of exhibitors from all the different fields of the makeup artistry industry, from people who work on special effects and prosthetics for movies, TV shows and the stage like Chris through to celebrity makeup artists, with past speakers including people like Neill Gorton of Millennium FX, and makeup artists who have worked on stars like Beyoncé.

Held in Pasadena, California, IMATS is handy for Hollywood, too, and always attracts the industry’s biggest names. Chris Lyons is understandably very proud to be heading out to LA from London to play a part in the event, connect with some of his colleagues from the special effects make up world, and hopefully inspire those starting out in the craft!

The annual IMATS event will, for 2016, run from the 16th to the 18th of January throughout the day, and is sure to bring with it some great opportunities for people who work in special effects, prosthetics, animatronics and costume design to see some of the latest innovations, stock up on great products, and mingle. It should also be a fun thing to visit for any fan who is interested in the magic behind the effects they see in their favourite movies, music videos, television shows and stage performances, and definitely worth checking out if you are curious about the work companies like Fangs FX are involved with.