Fangs FX provide special effects teeth for new film The Grand Budapest Hotel

When most people think of special effects teeth, they think vampires. In reality, the range of custom film teeth available is much greater, allowing actors and actresses to portray a different species, to show teeth that are more representative of the period in which the film is set, or simply to give them a completely different look.

Fangs FX are called upon to produce special effects teeth for all occasions, with one recent project being feature film The Grand Budapest Hotel, filmed at the start of 2013. Written and directed by Wes Craven, the film is set in 1920s Europe and tells the story of a famous hotel concierge named Gustave H., and young lobby boy Zero Moustafa who becomes his most trusted friend.

Filming took place between January and March 2013, when we worked with Tilda Swinton and Willem Dafoe to provide the special effects teeth required for the film. Using thin plastic veneers that cover the front of the teeth, our custom teeth clip on using different types of acrylics that are sculpted to fit around the actors teeth, meaning that there is no risk of them falling out. Most importantly, these teeth won’t affect the speech of the user, making them perfect for film use.

With films such as World War Z, Skyfall, Kick-Ass II and now The Grand Budapest Hotel under our belt, it is clear that Hollywood trusts our teeth. Whether you’re working on a blockbuster movie or simply planning a fancy dress party, give us a call.