Fangs FX – Character Teeth with Bite

In making a memorable movie monster, or Sci-Fi screen sensation, it is always essential to get the finishing touches just right. Of all of these, a super set of character film teeth can be the most effective way to bring your creation vividly to life for a viewer. Buckinghamshire-based Fangs FX have a wealth of experience in crafting these impressive incisors, having given vampires their bite, made Mad Hatters suitably goofy and lent a sharp edge to a variety of villains.

Specialists in TV and film teeth, as well as a range of other prosthetic facial effects, the company has contributed to a number of BAFTA and Academy Award winning projects, so their work carries a quality guarantee. Experienced in fashioning fangs for well-known actors and major productions, no assignment is too great a challenge for this terrific team, and they seem to thrive on working to exacting standards and tight deadlines.

Fangs FX have turned their expert hands to many film favourites across the decades, from Alien 3 to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to The Mummy, and added their signature style to series such as Merlin, Walking with Beasts and Dead Ringers. Operating a mobile service for flexible fitting and consultations, they work with a view to facilitating the process for their collaborators. This, along with their flair for design, professionalism and love of a challenge, makes them the ideal company to give your production bite. Find out more at