Fangs for watching: Custom made teeth for films

From Werewolves to Vampires to Tom Cruise’s pearly whites: when it comes to the movies, you’ve got to have something that gives it that extra bite.

Fangs FX have been in the industry longer than you’ve had wisdom teeth – through Chris Lyons and his makeup dream team, with a career of BAFTAs and Oscars longer than Meryl Streep’s.

Over the years, our molars have appeared in the fantastical to the serious, such as perfecting Robert Downey Jr’s transformation in Chaplin, (who of course, famously sung the song Smile!) to such classic fantasy epics such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, to The Mummy, to adding an extra spark in the Harry Potter movies.

If you wish to contact us, see our website for details on how to get in touch. Once you have, we offer a comprehensive mobile service that takes impressions, right down to the final fitting. We have worked with some fantastic professionals over the years, and work with a meticulous team with a fast, friendly and super work ethic.

Fangs FX can work on any sort of teeth construction necessary, and no teeth tissue or lasting damage has ever been reported with our clients. Now, time to put the “smile” into Hollywood Smile.