Fang You Very Much: How Special Effects Teeth are Made

Special FX Teeth are one of the cornerstones of special effects. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy horror, fantasy or even historical films. How are they made? We will take a look at how special effect technicians create the perfect pair of false teeth for the actor. Customized Special Effects Teeth is a fascinating area of film and television and we hope you enjoy learning more!

Starting off

The process of creating false teeth for films is similar to how a dentist makes false teeth. A cast is made from an alginate filled impression plate (alginate is a dentistry material used for making casts) and takes a few minutes to set.

Creating the cast

Dental plaster is used to make the cast. It is carefully crafted to resemble the actor’s teeth before being sculpted in clay. Once this is done, a mould is made from alginate. Dental acrylics are poured in and the teeth start to take shape. Once all the teeth are filled with the acrylic, the set is left to dry for 20 minutes in a pressure pot.

Making Gums

Once everything is fully dried, they can be painted to resemble gums. Chemicals are used to create false gums on a finely sanded surface and any effects are added. The actor tries on the new set of teeth to make sure it fits before filming.