Fang FX – The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is a powerfully moving biopic of Stephen Hawking, the world renowned theoretical physicist and author of the 1987 bestseller, A Brief History of Time. English Actor and heart throb, Eddie Redmayne, takes the lead role of Stephen Hawking, with Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde, Hawking’s first wife.

The film begins at the point where Stephen Hawking meets his first wife, Jane Wilde, at Cambridge University and ends when they finally get divorced more than 30 years later.

At the beginning of the story the young couple fall in love, but tragedy strikes a cruel blow when Stephen is diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and given only two years to live. The couple decides to get married, despite the fact that Stephen’s physical abilities are deteriorating fast. They subsequently go on to have three children together, but as time passes and Stephen’s successful career develops, the strain of his illness and increasing reliance on carers begins to exact a heavy toll on their love for each other.

Inspired by Jane Wilde’s book: Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, the film tenderly shows how their complex relationship evolved and tells us that despite the eventual failure of their marriage, Stephen still credited Jane for saving him from the black depression that threatened to engulf him.

In real life Eddie Redmayne is incredibly handsome with perfect teeth, but in order to complete his physical transformation into Stephen Hawking, he was given prosthetic teeth and plumper’s to distort his face as well as thick, black rimmed glasses. It is a surprisingly effective piece of characterisation for once the teeth and glasses are in place, tasty Mr Redmayne looks nothing like the top model he is in real life.

The Theory of Everything, directed by James Marsh, is set for a January 1st 2015 release in the UK.