Face the Fangs

From a witch’s nose to an oozing sore, or even a full monkey mask, you can create literally any effect you want with prosthetic facial effects from Fangs FX.

We have a long history of supplying prosthetic facial effects in films stretching back to 1984. In fact, Fangs FX’s products have featured in recent blockbusters including Prometheus, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. While our prosthetics are the best in the business and aimed at the high-end film industry, they’re accessible enough to use at home for a fancy dress party – if you want to make a lasting impression on your friends and create that authentic Hollywood look, choose Fang FX.

Made from high-quality foam latex, our prosthetics are easily attached, and comfortable enough to wear for long periods when attached with Pros-Aide or liquid latex. We have a collection of classic looks including a zombie’s ripped face and Devil’s horns, or you can get in touch with a custom request if you have something special in mind.

With our prosthetic in place it’s time to go to town with the make-up to complete the look you want. And at the end of the production, or the party, they’re easily removed – good news if it was a late-night affair.

So if you’ve seen prosthetic facial effects in films and want to try this amazing form of fancy dress yourself, come to Fangs FX for the ultimate collection. You’ll look so good, you’ll scare yourself!