Exclusive Artist-Narrated Video for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Oscar time is nearly upon us, and while many people’s attention is on the leading actors and actresses nominated for the much coveted Academy Award statues, at Fangs FX we love the awards that recognise some of the magic that goes on behind the scenes. In this exclusive video clip, you can see prosthetics make up designer Mark Coulier along with costume, hair and make up artist Frances Hannon describe some of the work that went into the distinctive looks of the characters in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Tilda Swinton’s Teeth

You’ll notice in the video that Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier proudly drop in Fangs FX and Chris Lyons’ names when talking about the work done to transform Tilda Swinton into her highly recognisable character in the movie. Tilda Swinton, as you probably know, is far younger and prettier than the fascinating Madame D, and the false teeth Chris used to bring Madame D to life were therefore yellowed and aged, and also helped Tilda to create the shapes with her mouth that became part of the character’s mannerisms.

Teeth and Make-Up Combine to Create an Unforgettable Look

Tilda Swinton is something of a regular at Fangs FX, and we have been able to work with her to help give her characters all incredibly distinctive looks. Tilda uses the teeth not just to modify her appearance, but also to create ways of speaking and forming facial expressions that become unique to that role. With the red lipstick used for Madame D creating a thin, elderly looking mouth that still strived for a glamorous look, the teeth and make up tell us a lot about this character before she even speaks!

The Academy Awards are going to be announced on February 22nd, with The Grand Budapest Hotel one of the nominees for the Achievement in Make Up and Hairstyling Oscar.