Effective Prosthetics In Film

Whether it’s a performance for stage or screen, there’s no more effective way to make your vampires or monsters stand out than utilising a purpose-made set of special effects fangs. Fangs FX prosthetic teeth can provide an extra element of shock and awe to proceedings, offering the ultimate entertainment value for your audience.

The film and television industries have long understood the importance of realistic looking props, and when it comes to horror and thriller genres, image is everything. It’s imperative that character aesthetics adequately capture the mood and feel of the story, and in some instances the right prosthetics can actually carry the production.

Professional prosthetic teeth for film, stage and the small screen should be indistinguishable from the real thing, leaving the audience wondering if the dentures sported by actors are genuine. A good set of fake teeth should fit seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring that the audience get sucked into the plot regardless of how fantastical it is, by virtue of the realism on show via the props and prosthetics.

Whether it’s vampires, aliens, supernatural characters or zombies from beyond the grave, a well-crafted set of special effects fangs will always captivate an audience, creating a sense of unparalleled dread and fear.