Early Glimpses Into Game of Thrones Series 5

Game of Thrones is, without a doubt, one of the most successful shows that HBO has ever released. Diehard fans are found all over the world, and they’re eagerly awaiting the release of yet another enthralling series filled with twists, turns, character die-offs, and other surprises.
News, ranging from strange casting calls to spoilers in the form of fan speculation based on the books, is already being released about the filming for the 5th series of the show.

Casting for People with Small Waistlines
At the end of the 4th series, fans finally caught a glimpse of the Children of the Forest, who’d been mentioned several times throughout the show’s history but had never been seen. According to recent reports about HBO casting individuals with 26-inch waistlines, it can be assumed that more of the Children of the Forest will be making an appearance on the 5th series.

New Locations
Thanks to Arya and Tyrion heading to the Narrow Sea at the end of the 4th series, it can be assumed that we’ll be seeing some new locations in the upcoming series as well. Perhaps characters will be spending time in Braavos and Pentos, and there has been word that Dorne will play a big role in the new series too.

Wardrobe, Hair, and Prosthetics, Oh My!
Fans are able to completely immerse themselves in the world of Game of Thrones, thanks to the incredible hair, wardrobe, and makeup that’s used to bring each and every character to life. In series 5, we can all expect that the prosthetics, which have already been pretty mind blowing, will only get better. The gore is sure to continue, and the prosthetics that have amazed fans with their realism in the past are sure to be just as intense as ever. Characters have taken quite a bit of abuse in the past, having their mouths bloodied up and their teeth knocked out as a couple of examples, so more fake teeth and mouth effects are sure to be included too.
Series 5 is filming this autumn and is set for release next spring.