Custom Made Teeth in the Movies

We all love watching the big Hollywood blockbusters and enjoy marvelling at the special effects. With CGI and suchlike nowadays there is just so much to see. However some things are best done the old way. Special Effects make up and special effects teeth are two excellent additions to change one’s appearance, especially in the film and televisual world. Just think of any monster or scary guy in a film, what do they always have? Invariably a scary character will have terrifying or at least abnormal teeth. Custom made teeth are an excellent way in which to completely change ones appearance. They can even alter the way the whole face appears to be structured.

Take an actor such as Christopher Lee, a handsome man in his younger years, however the minute he wore his iconic Dracula teeth, his whole appearance changed. He became someone sinister and terrifying this is the power which special effects teeth wield.

Yes custom made teeth are a sure fire way in which to change the appearance of a person. They can make the wearer look sinister, funny, cute – all manner of things! The one thing to remember though is that thankfully they can be taken out at the end of the day returning the actor / actress to their original selves!