Chris Lyons Present at UMAE and IMATS!

If there is one event make up and special effects artists shouldn’t miss, it is the United Make Up Artists Expo, which is on the weekend of April 11th and 12th and features some of the biggest names in special effects make up. Chris Lyons of Fangs FX will be making some teeth for demos that are taking place and will be available to give advice and information to up and coming special effects makeup artists about how Fangs FX do what we do!

Many of the lectures at UMAE are free to attend, or you can get access as part of an educational group with teachers and students who are learning make up and prosthetic design skills. It is set to be a great event for learning and networking with people working in the industry.

In July 2015, Chris Lyons of Fangs FX will also be appearing at IMATS at Olympia. This is an event for makeup artists where all kinds of makeup professionals at all levels will attend. From Friday 10th through to the end of Sunday 12th there will be makeup artists who deal in everything from celebrity red carpet styling, photographic modelling and TV and movie special effects. As the leading dental prosthetics company in the special effects and make up industry, Chris will be there to give advice to other up and coming prosthetics designers, and also show makeup artists how to work with unusual and interesting dental designs!

As you can see, the summer is going to be a busy time for Fangs FX and for Chris, but it is always a great experience to visit expos and talk to new makeup artists, in addition to explaining how important teeth are in the visual effects industry!