Armed to the teeth: special effects teeth for 47 Ronin

While special effects teeth are normally associated with films featuring monsters and vampires, a lot of the films that we work on show that custom designed teeth are far more versatile. As well as helping to convey evil in monsters and other mythical creatures, movie grade special effects teeth can help to cover modern pearly whites for period dramas, and can completely change an actor’s appearance to really bring their character to life.

With 47 Ronin, we were tasked with creating custom movie grade teeth that would fit right in with the plot line, set in 18th century Japan and featuring not only samurai warriors, but also shape shifters and other mythical beasts. Keanu Reeves plays Kai: a half British and half Japanese outcast who joins Oishi (played by Hiroyuki Sanada) to form 47 Ronin – a band of 47 samurai who have been driven from their homes, and who are now seen as outcasts. Their mission? To get revenge on the overlord who killed their master, and to restore honour to their own homeland.

The quest of the 47 Ronin sees them facing a wide range of trials that would not be possible for any normal warrior. They must fight against shape shifters and other mythical beasts. It is Kai who becomes the hero of the Ronin as he leads them in this battle to the death… but whose death?

Combining an 18th century feel with a range of mythical beasts was a challenge for us, but one that we happily rose to!


47 Ronin – Official Trailer