All Aboard the Molar Express!

Journeying through the extensive range of specialised character teeth and prosthetic molars developed for the film industry is literally, taking a trip down memory lane, through cinematic and television history over the past thirty years. The variety of custom made film teeth produced for television programmes alone are incredible and custom made for a number of comedy programmes from French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous through to Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show. From film epics such as Legend, the Harry Potter Series up to the latest block buster on release,Thor-The Dark World, there cannot have been many actors of stage and screen who have not had the Fangs FX dental treatment.

From fetid fangs to crooked and stained incisors, additional overbites and extraneous canines, broken, twisted, coated with nicotine or drenched in blood, terrestrial being or out of this world character, there will be a set of teeth or a facial prosthetic to fit them. From blockbusters such as the Mummy Returns, to soap operas and Dickensian TV series, there is no escape from the very experienced and professional team who create,design, make and undertake impressions and final fittings to produce a jaw-dropping effect for the viewing public.

For theatre work or up close cinematic productions, television adverts or sitcoms, whatever the vision of the directors and producers, wherever and whenever, there will be a set of custom made film teeth that will bring your characters to life. So, full steam ahead for 2014!